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Stowing distracting MacOS apps (personal edition)

Stowing distracting Android apps


Short posts on technical topics

14 Dec 2020

Stowing distracting MacOS apps (personal-use edition)

29 Nov 2020

Stowing distracting Android apps

12 Sep 2015

Workaround for Ting MMS bug

07 Jul 2015

Speeding up Google Spreadsheet JSON with Fastly's CDN

28 Jun 2015

Brain Throttle

22 Apr 2015

Streamlining Collaboration with Burp

08 Apr 2015

How to use pdb to debug Python Burp Extensions

02 Apr 2015

The old Flickr slideshow app tracks everyone except Obama/White House account viewers

22 Mar 2015

How to keep vertical PVC blinds from clattering in the wind

20 Mar 2015

Spell Check, Brain Check: Trust Boundaries by Example

13 Mar 2015

The Software Developer's Life Manual

05 Mar 2015

Speaking at the Pittsburgh Quantified Self Meetup

20 Feb 2015

A definitive answer to "How long did it take you to code that?"

15 Feb 2015

Quantifying time spent unplugged

12 Feb 2015

Searching a Tumblr blog with grep

30 Jan 2015

Code Shadowing: Recording programming in near-real-time

22 Jan 2015

You don't need automatic time tracking

14 Jan 2015

The code was bad, but who should feel bad?

13 Jan 2015

A paper towards using Quantified Self data to become a better developer

09 Jan 2015

Smartphone M.O.

05 Jan 2015

Code Ownership for git

02 Jan 2015

Using Microsoft Academic Search

02 Jan 2015

git Line Level History Browser

22 Dec 2014

Going Public

30 Jan 2014

The Gnar of Testing a GDB ARM Plugin on

09 Jan 2014

Hello world for qemu-arm in 6 commands

09 Dec 2013

GridPix: Stretch images across many flipping cubes in JavaScript

27 Nov 2013

First post

05 Oct 2013

A cursory analysis of fuzzy stack hashing