I try to maintain a tumblr blog that tracks interesting or useful media that I encounter on a daily basis. Today I wanted to verify that a Burp Suite macro that I am using to analyze a client web application was working properly by inspecting traffic in Wireshark, and I ran into a familiar “No interfaces available” error message that began happening when I upgraded my laptop to OSX Yosemite.

I knew I had dumped a short post my solution to my tumblr blog, but it turns out there is no good way to search my own tumblr posts! Existing articles related to the subject are several years old and the tools they link to seem to be broken. Searching by tags is spotty for me, and using the site: google dork doesn’t seem to work at all.

So, I wrote a quick bash script to download my blog source:



while [ $counter -lt $limit ]; do
    echo The counter is $counter
    curl $base/page/$counter 
    let counter=counter+1 

… and then used it to find my post:

$ ./get.sh 2>/dev/null | grep -i wireshark
        <abbr><a href="http://cmplxen.tumblr.com/post/107413521963/wireshark-doesnt-start-after-upgrading-to-mac-os">7th Jan 2015</a> 
        <h2><a href="https://ask.wireshark.org/questions/36367/wireshark-doesnt-start-after-upgrading-to-mac-os-x-yosemite"  target="_blank" >Wireshark doesn&#039;t start after upgrading to Mac OS X Yosemite</a></h2>

Problem solved. Curl FTW.

Wireshark Dialogue

To download and use this script for your own blog, try:

$ wget -o get.sh https://gist.githubusercontent.com/jfoote/d84feb4d4f93b576198e/raw/39de041065dd3914e9447c0b04a0dabd80aac453/gistfile1.txt 
$ chmod +x get.sh
$ ./get.sh